Well another tench season has opened and many keen tenchmen have their rods ready for the commencement of April. But can we suffer with the weather at that time of year!  Some severe frosts give the impression that we should have stuck with the predator rods!  However an April tench is a prize and gives us a chance to get re-acquainted with our selected venues before “TenchFest” in May.

Is it a Double. Close call at 9lb 15 oz 5 drams!

The Tenchfishers have a busy calendar of events kicking off with our Spring General Meeting in April where are trophies are awarded and the conversation is all about our new campaigns. Of course we have the odd “secret squirrels” but in the main most members are only too happy to share knowledge and help others. In this digital age news travels fast and there is no value in the cloak and dagger tactics of the 70’s specimen groups!  

It’s not all about 3 matched rods….

To date we have run fish ins at Linear Oxlease and Manor Farm, Sywell, Larkfield Complex and Bawburgh.  Next year we look forward to The Tenchfishers National Championship which will be held at Linear Oxlease in May 2023 and open to all keen tench anglers. Our members do enjoy access to some superb big fish venues and the sociability of meeting others on the bank.

2022 event on a top venue, Linear Oxlease.

Getting to think about how we approach out tench fishing method wise it could be easily assumed that it is 2 or3 leger rods and alarms on most fisheries. As you can see from the illustrations here some fine tench fall to float methods and are caught in their natural home, the marginal drop off on pits!  Estate lakes and canals are the typical float venues but packing a float rod for pits is a must really. There is a guide on this site that will get you set up and float fishing without all the complications of intricate shot patterns and size 22 spade ends!

Being there is sometimes enough

We all have a responsibility to look after our captures and that starts at the hook up. I certainly advise you to take a look at our rig article here on the Home Page feature set. Heli rigs are popular these days and it is essential that a fish can shed the feeder/leger weight in the event of a breakage. Colin Allchin takes a detailed look at rigs with a big emphasis on safety.

Elsewhere you can read of The Tenchfishers work with the EA and Angling Trust to restore a tench fishery (Sywell) and give something back to the sport.  We have also worked with the AT to recruit and train our own coaches who would be happy to talk to any club about supporting a Tench Teach In. We currently run a similar event with Farnham Angling Society every year.

A vintage Mitchell 300 does the business

Please do visit our feature page for some great fishing stories and technical articles. This month Pat Dower takes a look at the kit needed to go long range tenching and Graham Bailey compares in-line rigs to the much famed heli’ set up.

Pop by Tenchfishers TV for some great video material on our YouTube channel.

Why we go!

We hope you enjoy our new website which will see regular refresh of features and news.  Better still do give consideration to joining us and making your own contributions to our group which has membership approaching 500 keen tench anglers.

Tight Lines

Steve Innes

The Tenchfishers