New Members

UK and Eire Membership Costs/Procedure


One-off Joining Fee £10 + 1 years annual subscription


Individual Annual Subscription £25*


Additional Family Member £5

(* New members joining after 1st March, next subs due 1st June the following year.)

Note: Members are encouraged to pay by Standing Order after the first year’s membership. Those who do not wish to move over to this arrangement will have to pay an additional annual admin fee of £2. Details of setting up a standing order will be forwarded with the membership pack.

Additional Family Members may join for a further £5. This entitles other members of the same family, that reside at the same address, to participate in the group activities (i.e. meetings, fish-ins etc). However, only one badge and one bulletin will be sent to the main family member, not to each additional family member. Please contact the Membership Secretary for further details, if needed.

All new members will receive an enamelled badge and a copy of the most recent bulletin available.

Overseas Membership Costs/Procedure

Any potential overseas members should contact the Membership Secretary for details.


Option 1 – Join and pay online

Click the button below to join The Tenchfishers and pay online using PayPal. This includes options to add a family or junior (members).