Fishing for Tench

You will find all sorts of useful articles and guidance on Tenchfishing throughout the website. Even more fantastic information is available  if you decide to join The Tenchfishers. These links will provide you with various features, membership details as well as our helpful Youtube channel ‘Tenchfishers TV’. If you are new to tenchfishing then there is also a great article on ‘Starting Tench Fishing’. Once you have made use of all these great links then please carry on down the page and look at the fantastic work that the Rig Safety Group have carried out.

Rig Safety

The Tenchfishers have carried out a big piece of research into the safety of many of the rigs in common use. The aim of this research is to identify rigs which reduce the chance of a hooked fish becoming tethered by trailing around a feeder, lead, long length of line etc. incase you ever suffer a main line breakage. To read through the article in catch cult magazine please click here

Catch Cult Magazine is one the many great supporters of The Tenchfishers. Should you wish to find out more about our friends and supporters then follow this link here

Also recommended is this summary of safe rigs “Happy rigs” which can be found by clicking here