Our Aims

The aims of the Society shall be to carry on, for the benefit of its members, the following activities:

(i) To provide a forum whereby members may communicate, exchange information and further their knowledge of and expertise in tench and tench fishing;

(ii) to record information on the capture of all tench by members so that such information may be shared between members;

(iii) to undertake research into any area that may contribute to the members understanding of tench and tench fishing;

(iv) to participate in any activity and join with any other body in order to further the cause of tench fishing and angling generally.

In carrying out the aforesaid aims, the Society shall have regard to promoting concern for the welfare of all species of fish and aquatic life, the countryside and wildlife generally, the conservation of the freshwater habitat and co-operation between all angling and sporting parties.

Pat Dower, Chairman.

Our Objectives

The Tenchfishers are a diverse group of anglers whose fishing encompasses a special interest in Tinca Tinca, the most prized and popular coarse fish our waters.

We have a vested interest in protecting and encouraging the distribution of this sporting species and elsewhere on this site you can read of the projects undertaken by out National Tench Heritage Association.

We strive to have a “voice” so that we may best protect the fishing opportunities for our members.
The Tenchfishers would certainly present their views if we become aware of a mixed fishery revising its stocking policy to a carp mono-culture for example. We will deal with these matters in an intelligent and positive manner to the benefit of all angling participants.

The group gives back to the angling community and are investing in member coaches to assist clubs with their Junior sections and help to set up Tench Teach Ins. We will continue to enjoy an excellent relationship with top day ticket fisheries and clubs across the country, many of whom provide us with exclusive tench fishing opportunities for our members.

We will continue to offer an excellent experience for our membership, set within boundaries that remain polite and constructive in all our interactions and communications. We anticipate the same in return.

The Tenchfishers work closely with the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency to further tench fishing and to support the welfare of the sport of angling overall