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The Tenchfishers have a heritage going back to 1954 and are in fact one of the oldest single species groups. Anglers such as the late member Len Head put specimen tench fishing on the map with his great Bures Lake captures. Today the group still pursues specimen fish but the traditionalist and the pleasure angler, who have a sustained interest in tench fishing are just as welcome.

We are organised by region across the country, each region headed by an RO (Regional Organiser). So you will have a number of local tench anglers to meet immediately on joining us. We have a wealth of tench angling experience in the group that we are only too happy to share with our members.

The Tenchfishers are seeking new members nationally who are interested in furthering their knowledge of this sporting species. Members will receive a regular professionally produced bulletin, a chance to attend our "fish-ins", have access to our web forum, compete for trophies and much more. To take full benefit of your membership we ask that on joining you write an introductory letter for our bulletin, support your Regional Organiser on an ongoing basis and make a summary of your tench catches once yearly. We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

TenchTalk is our exclusive on-line forum which is only available to members of the Tenchfishers. If you would like access please join by clicking on here.

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