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The Tenchfishers

The Tenchfishers group was formed in 1954 and it has a membership that exceeds 500 tench anglers.

Richard Walker dominated coarse fishing in the 1950’s with his innovative approaches to angling challenges. It is no surprise that he was central to the formation of The Tenchfishers in 1954 which was conceived alongside the Carp Catchers Club. This led to conversations with Maurice Ingham and John Ellis and The Tenchfishers was formed that year.

The group regained momentum in 1966 during a period when Specimen Group membership was flourishing and The Tenchfishers were reformed and by August that year 22 members were involved including leading anglers such as Fred J Taylor.

Today the group has open membership and welcomes the tench specialist and newcomers to this enthralling branch of our sport. We have an active calendar of events and as a member you will have every opportunity to get involved with our social activities and projects.

You will be joining a great angling community who will be only too willing to help you put more tench on the bank.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Ben Kennedy
The Tenchfishers

An introduction to The Tenchfishers


The below link will take you to our youtube channel where you will be able to view the introduction in full along with lots of other helpful videos and tips.

The full interview can be viewed by clicking this link.

The Tenchfishers Blog

Daffers Blog May 2024

Daffers Coaching Blog 1 May 2024 Well, the Tenchfishers' coaches have been active and busy over the last few months. First point of call was a trip into London on the 14th of March to meet up with the Fishing for Schools team for an induction day at their offices in...

National Tench Championships 2024

National Tench Championships 2024

Tench Central The Tenchfishers – National Tench Championships | The Tenchfishers / https://tenchfishers.com/national-championships/ Your chance to become the 2024 National Tench Champion Tench Championships to be held at Linear Oxlease Lake, May 17th-19th 2024.  The...

Report: The 2023 National Tench Championships

Report: The 2023 National Tench Championships

The inaugural Tenchfishers National Tench Championships took place at Linear complex near Oxford on the Oxlease lake from Friday 12th May through to Sunday 14th. The event started with a blast from an airhorn at 12 noon on the Friday. The championships were generously...

Challenge The Tenchfishers For Top Honours

Challenge The Tenchfishers For Top Honours

National Tench Championships to be held at Linear Oxlease Lake, May 12-14 2023.  The entry fee will be £135 per member and you will be competing for a total prize fund of £1100 with TackleBox voucher and trophy for the first three placings. The overall winner will...

New Year Blog 2023

New Year Blog 2023

Happy New Year From The Tenchfishers Seasons Greetings to all our fellow Tenchfishers. 2023 - The Spring awaits... 2023 is no doubt going to be another challenging year for us tench anglers. It will be interesting to see what the weed levels are like in the pits in...

Winter Tench

Winter Tench

Winter Tench   By Adam Bojar (Tenchfishers Member, SW Region) My winter angling campaigns started in the early 1980’s when I was really into carp fishing, well before the days of the bivvy, bed chairs and decent sleeping bags! The only plus side was the availability...

October Blog 2022

October Blog 2022

Chance of a Double?   With many members now fishing for barbel, chub and predators, we are all necessarily distracted from our favourite species - the tench.   Of course, they can still be captured at this time of year, but for many now tench fishing has become a...

August blog 2022

August blog 2022

In this blog Steve Innes takes a look at tench kit and selects his favourites. We hope you find it informative and helpful. Tench painting by kind permission of David Miller. Rods For Lakes and Pits (Ledger Tactics) The most popular choice would be for you to select a...

Welcome To The Tenchfishers Blog – Spring 2022

Welcome To The Tenchfishers Blog – Spring 2022

Well another tench season has opened and many keen tenchmen have their rods ready for the commencement of April. But can we suffer with the weather at that time of year!  Some severe frosts give the impression that we should have stuck with the predator...

Get Started Tenching!

The Tenchfishers  give our best advice on getting started fishing for this compelling species. We take a look at the basic approaches you will need  to help you you decide to float fish or leger for tench. Some help is given on choosing suitable equipment and an article takes a look at pit fishing in more details.

Whilst we would always say that locating your tench is more important than your gear or tackle, member Colin Allchin opens up on a range of rigs that are proven fish catchers.   Member Steve Innes reviews no fuss methods to get your float fishing off to a good start and  debunks some of the myths about shot patterns and plumbing up.  Kev Durman looks at what you need to start tench fishing at your local venues.

Elsewhere throughout our website you will find other feature articles too. These have been extracted from our rich archive of Tenchfisher bulletins and covers topics from preparing and looking after your bait, teaching in Ireland, canal tench fishing, big pit tactics and much  much more. These articles represent the learnings of many experienced members who you will meet on joining us.

To get a head start why not visit the  Kindle or Google store and acquire a copy our e-book  Tinca Tinca. With over 360 pages this is a very diverse read covering  tactics, venues, rigs, bait and big pit location.

Tenchfishers TV

The Home Channel of The Tenchfishers run by member Paul Calow and documenting some of our social events, tuition sessions at famous tench venues and some interesting rig presentations.

If you join us you will be welcome to submit your own blogs or video diaries too.

There is also access to a Play List where we have collected some videos which we feel are both instructional and entertaining on all matters tench.

This page will see regular features as we launch new video material.  In our first feature set we visit Sywell to learn more about the National Tench Heritage Alliance (NTHA) work with the EA and Northants Council in restoring the fishing at this famous venue.

Top specimen tench angler Tony King takes a look at a favourite rig, The T Rig. This has captured him many fine specimens over the years.

Finally, Kenny Parsons takes us on a 36 hour fishing adventure at top Cotswolds venue, the Carp Society’s Horseshoe Lake.

Enjoy your viewing.

Paul Calow

Channel Editor TFTV

The Latest from the Tenchfishers TV Channel…

The Tenchfishers – Tinca Tinca e-book

Our very successful book “Tinca Tinca” is now available as a Kindle version on all Amazon platforms and in the Google Play Store under books.

The cost in the UK is £9.99 on Amazon Kindle and in the Play Store.

For UK Amazon users click on this link Amazon Ebook.

For Android Play Store users click on this link Play Store Ebook.

The hard copy was a sell out and this 367 page book ( text version) has over 40 contributors and is the most diverse tench publication to date.