Thinking Anglers Chod Bead

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Copy of post originally sent to Paul Hawkins on TF FB.  

Hi Paul, I've checked the Thinking Anglers Chod Bead out with a standard #8 QC swivel and also a #11 Big Eye (BE) QC swivel from Tackle-bitz (the eBay store). Both fit fine, the #11 BE swivel has a smaller body and a larger eye so is marginally more discrete and effective and personally I think is the better option of the two.
Please remember though I have not tested this bead, I only discovered it after we had finished Phase II. In fact you will note the slightly larger bead on the bottom bead in the original picture, this bead which, I think is a soft 6mm bead, seems a slightly looser fit than the one supplied. I cannot therefore recommend this bead at present.
If I can I will test it before the SGM and bring any results I have to the meeting.
The (slightly out of focus) photograph shows the #8 swivel on the left and the #11 BE QC swivel on the right.

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