Tenchfisher March 2024

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I have to say the current edition of Tenchfisher is superb and will go down as a classic I'm sure. The editing, the layout and production is faultless. Remember this is an in house magazine, but you could put it on the shelves in a newsagents amongst the commercial titles and it would still standout. We are extraordinarily lucky to have such a talented team who are prepared to work so hard to produce Tenchfisher twice a year. What a job our esteemed editor does for us. 

I came in last evening and read several articles. Dai's piece was a tour de force of "the most successful tench angler of all time".  Followed by Malcolm Swinfen's piece, well what can I say, that's tench fishing right there. two anglers fishing for the same species with a style and approach that couldn't be more different but each taking the utmost enjoyment from it.

Paul Cannadine's shorter, but no less enjoyable piece, was another insight into how the best anglers think, innovate, always looking to improve and modify. I always enjoy Paul's openness and writing.  

I skipped to Kenny's review of the landing net and promptly ordered one, it's very difficult to find a 32" net that ticks all the boxes and this one seems to, there is something about the shape that is so appealing over a standard triangular net and you know our friends at The Tackle Box produce great value kit under the Darent Valley label.

Great work.

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