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Andrew Lee 2 months

I’ve decided to spend quite a bit of time at Sywell this spring/summer.

Never fished Sywell, but It’s been on my bucket list for a number of years. In the past I’ve never had the time to do the venue justice, now my kids have all grown up, that’s not so much of an issue.

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I would be grateful if those familiar with the venue could let me have some information on the logistics/challenges of fishing there.

At the end of the day, it’s a county park which comes with its own challenges, but I’m aware some antisocial behavior forced the gates to be closed overnight at weekends

  • has this improved the situation,
  • Any major issues with car park security
  • Are the Tenchfishers able to access the venue early doors

I understand that the we have a good relationship with the park, and there may be some leeway on the rules we are allowed to fish under, whilst not unduly concerned, the ones I’m looking to clarify are –

  • Barbless hooks only (max size 8 for tench fishing)
  • Lead weights must be a maximum of 1oz
  • 2 rods max for tench fishing
  • All Pink rigs must have a wire trace (assume this is lure related and does not impact plastic baits?)

Do Tenchfishers fish for free on Sywell or get a discount on the season ticket, I thought it was free subject to production of a green membership card but website states 10% discount.

Again, not an issue, but will need to factor in getting the season ticket prior to fishing if that is the case.

I should have had a couple of recces under my belt by now, but been trying to get some perch fishing in around the recent crap weather, and last week had cataract surgery which means I cant drive for another 10 days.

But I’m only in Watford, once I’m mobile again the dog will be bundled into the car for a few Saturday morning scouting expeditions. If you see someone who appears to be walking a bear around Sywell, say hi, we are both friendly.


Andy Lee

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