Sywell Fish In Update 7th-9th June 2024

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Hi All,

Update for the Sywell Fish In.

For those who have paid thank-you.

If any outstanding payments are due could you arrange to settle up prior to the event.

If you have paid and I have you down as not paid let me know and apologies in advance. 

If anyone on the list can't attend then just let me know hopefully I have kept abreast of anyone who can't attend over the last few months once again thanks for letting me know.

All Best



£45 inc hog roast or £35 for fishing only.

Alan Burgess Paid

Carl Prosser

Ozzy - Organiser

Daffers- Organiser

Phillip Wilkinson

Pete Carmichael (Attending?)

Graham Collins

Andy Mckenzie Paid

Adam Bojar Paid

Paul Lez Kelly Paid

Mark Reid Paid

Pat Dower Paid

Mark Simmonds Paid

David Williams Paid

Sunil Pun

Mark Tyrtania Paid

Stephen Harris Paid

Tony Andrew Paid

Andy Lee Paid

Richard E Williams

John Syer

Chris Aslet Paid

Nigel Bray Paid

Steve Horrocks 

Ben Reeve Paid

Jon Tyson

Steve Rew Paid

John (Jack) Whitley Paid




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