Quiver holdalls and active groundbait

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First time and look at the new forum. Hats off to all involved. I have two questions for the fine members…. 

1) active groundbait- do any members have any opinions/experience of active gb use with tench. I always thought it was a bit novelty until I bought some by accident. When using it towards end of last year, it increased my catch rate. Not of tench but other species seemed to like it. My only concern would be is it too much of a lake bed jamboree and potentially scare tench off while still appealing to the carp, bream and roach. I would be interested to hear opinions


2) quiver rod holdalls- I need something that allows me to carry  two float rods maybe set up however I have two 13ft rods. One a 2 piece and one a 3 piece. I have never paid any attention to these quiver things but looks like it may be my only option. Looks like other companies hard cases would only hold 12ft rods. 

thankyou in advance and best of luck. Looks like done tench are coming out now. Had a short session Sunday morning. Bagged up on the lovely small carp but no tincas.. yet!! 

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