JRC extreme tx2 AP bivvy

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So, I purchased this to replace my old JRC tx2g bivvy, which I had used for about 8 years until the mozzy mesh gave up. I liked the previous version as it was only 2 ribs and packs up to the size of a brolly system. This makes it easier on tighter swims and for the mile plus barrow walks I have been doing. 

It has enough room for my bed, rucksack, cool bag, food bag and space for the maggots if it starts raining. Comes with a zip off front and peak. The front has improved mozzy mesh windows compared to the older model and an improved rear mesh window so ventilation is good. It also has a zip in ground sheet which lips up all the way around and velcro on the bottom of the door to the ground sheet.  

The things I like. Size (open and packed), windows and door, zip in ground sheet (I don't want slugs everywhere), pegging points, door and front options. 

Things I don't like. Ground sheet still lips up at the front, so I can see myself tripping over at some point. Rod straps which have magnets instead of velcro, no where near as strong in wind, can't hear if someone tries to nick a rod at night. Poles have the same locking mechanism as the old model, they slip easily and will require cable ties to stop them slipping past the place you want it. The zips for the front panel leak a tiny amount in the rain, not enough to make anything wet. 

It's only early days at the moment but it seems generally better than the old model, just wish they had sorted the poles out and left the rod retainers the same. 

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