Has the worm era ended ?

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Worms have of course been used for probably longer than most other tench baits. Since their renaissance, about a decade ago, which I think it is fair to say was a direct results of Dai Gribbles remarkable catches on dendrobaena fished as a "worm kebab rig", catches by those who made the switch to worms from, probably from red maggots, the previous standard bait for most tench anglers, have been outstanding. 

Carp anglers couldn't fail to notice the number of carp (and big carp as well) tench anglers were catching and many started to use worms. However many went down the route of more is best and started buying and using kilo's and kilo's of worm and many failed, which I found interesting. As not every carp angler who used them did, those that feed more conservatively did seem to catch.

There are carp videos showing examples of how when bites dry up introduction of a sloppy worm mix (very Chris Babbage like) could bring almost instant results.

On the other hand some match anglers are very wary of using to much worm to early often using "just a pinch" in their feeder mix to start. Seemingly they fear that introduction of to much worm can kill a swim.

I've noticed anecdotal evidence recently of tench anglers catching on red maggot again (or still, not everyone switched of course) and more comments of "nothing on worm so I switch to maggot". 

There has been much discussion on the efficacy of worm and why it can be such a good bait. Most commonly you hear about "the aminos" which is as good a reason as any, they do have an excellent profile and contain significant amounts of the magic [sic] compounds.

Like any substance that produces a positive effect at one level, they can produce a negative effect at another, this is a very well known rule. "The difference between a remedy and a poison is the dose", is attributed to Paracelsus in the 16th century.  

So the question is, are worms using their shine or are people fishing them incorrectly and inadvertently "overdosing" with them ?

We will always, I think, catch on worms, but perhaps they have now rejoined maggots and caster and other standards such as sweetcorn and bread, as just another good reliable bait ?




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