Good Quality Hemp

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Nigel Bray 3 months

Dear Tenchfishers,

<REQUEST> Can anyone point me to a supplier of good quality big fresh uncooked hempseed please? I don't mind if it is a bit pricey.

<RAMBLING OPINION> I always do my absolute best to use good quality bait. In fact if I couldn't get anything of decent quality, I would probably stay at home - yes it is a bit of a condition that I suffer from. For the last couple of years I have noticed that the hempseed available in tackle shops has been small. Very small. Too small. Including the tinned hemp from all the companies whose products I have tried. I say "too small" because I think that the bit the fish are interested in is the white kernel and the smaller the seed then the lower the percentage of the white kernel there is in the seed and the greater the percentage of roughage from the shell. I suspect that there are two reasons: hemp has become a "health food" (you can buy human food quality shelled hemp kernels for around £15 a Kg if you shop around); and I have been told that some of it comes from the Ukraine. I also blame Brexit as well (because Brexit is to blame for every economic problem in the UK, obviously [tongue in cheek, but not by much]).  Billy Clarke's tackle shop previously sold XL hemp that was excellent but that's no longer available.

I will respect any confidential information with my life if anyone can help.

Thank You

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