Fox Mini Micron Alarms

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Fox mini micron alarms.

I have been using a pair of these now for just over a year and thought I would write a quick review as I think for anyone looking for a cheap alarm then these are brilliant.

I admit to never owning a set of expensive alarms but have had a few cheap ones, whychwood and nash, so i can not compare them to delkims etc.

compared to the other cheap skate alarms i have had though these are the best. Function wise its basic, 2 setting for sensitivity which translates as will beep when the line moves a fraction and the less sensitive which means will beep after an inch or so of line is moved. The tone is different for forward or drop back which is useful and also can be rather tuneful in a techno kind of way. Perfect for late nights on the bank.

volume : there are 4 stages from can only just hear it to the carp police are on their way.

tone : again 4 settings from brian blessed to mini ripperton.

My fav feature though is the little metal switch to turn it on as i dont have to hold down a button, very easy to turn off and on.

battery life is good and so far water proof wise no issues and i often fish in the rain.

price wise, i paid £18 each on ebay and the rrp is £25 i think. So really great value and to be honest they give me all i need from an alarm. 



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