Forum evolution and website upgrades.

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Pat Dower 1 month

We have the basis of TenchTalk 2 - the members' forum is now in place and working fairly smoothly. The testing has gone well and so over the coming days and weeks Ed, supported by Paul, the rest of the committee and I will adding depth and functionality. 

Hopefully you will have seen already that Ed has added the facility to post photographs. They can be of MUCH higher resolution than with the old TenchTalk!

We will be adding forum categories very soon; they will be based on the ones from TenchTalk but updated. There will also be tweaks to improve navigation. The hope is that members will quickly get used to TenchTalk 2 being the place to come for all the meaty discussions. FB is very popular for the more superficial stuff but most agree it is a pain for keeping track of significant discussions and information of substance...

For the overall website there will be changes too. These will reflect the current priorities of The Tenchfishers and make it easier for members (new and established) plus non-members (who may be new to tench fishing) to find useful, interesting and inspiring content. More will be reveled at the SGM and in the upcoming Bulletin about what the Media Team is up to. You can remind yourself of the Media Team in the Members Area of the website.

Ed has had access to the website for barely a month and has achieved so much already: OUTSTANDING!

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