Finessing a safe chod/heli bead setup

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Post the second article in The Bulletin by the TF-RSG I've had a couple of comments regarding the Bank Tackle Chod bead, which performed very well in out tests and has been subsequently taken up by a number of members.   

A couple of people have thought that the system is a little bulky, it is after all designed for the carp market. We came across a smaller, but similar functioning system from Thinking Anglers which people may find of interest.

Photo Attachment

The photograph shows, from left to right, the standard Bank Tackle (BT) chod bead with a standard QC heli swivel,  a cut down (about 5mm removed from the stem) BT chod bead, a Thinking Anglers (TA) chod bead with a size 8 big eye (BE) quick change (QC) swivel and finally a TA chod bead with a size 11 BE QC swivel. 

The size differential between the first and the fourth is obvious, all rotate freely and the top of the stem can be held in place with a SMALL tungsten sinker, the Korda version works well but there will be others suitable, just check that the top bead passes easily over the sinker before use. The bottom stop that sits under the bottom stem bead is less critical, a medium sized sinker will be adequate. 

With decreasing the size of the components for a more discrete presentation their is a trade off with the tolerance of the components to fouling by bottom detritus and weed, particularly silkweed. Personally I would only use the smaller versions where I was confident that weed etc. wasn't going to be an issue, if there is any doubt then I would use the larger options and if weed was present in any amount I would drop a helicopter presentation and opt for an alternative, such as a running rig with a large bore bead. 

I hope this is useful and gives further options if you go for a heli bead setup.



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