Drennan Hybrid Olivette UPDATED

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Previous types were inline or held with silicone bands. This version includes a line port for partial threading and secured at the tear drop ends with a small piece of silicone. Slides really easily on the line and I think a big improvement as with the silicone band ones I use to prefer I lost quite a few when line is tensioned playing fish. Sizes from 0.5g to 4g. This excludes equivalents for No 1 (o.3g), No4 (0.2g), No6  (0.1g) but I ordered 3g ( 2 swan), 1.5g ( 1 swan), 0.8g (AA) and 0.5g (BB). I generally use shot in 1/4/6 for tell tales and balancing.  About £3.30 pack, 4 units, 5 units in smaller sizes.  5 stars

You need good eyesight to thread the silicone and the line aperture! So if you use a needle threader on hook eyes then these are not for you...  But once on the line my 3.5g or 1.5g will stay there and I just fine balance bulk with shot and add shot tell tales. None have pinged off line like the older version. Sizes I purchased are ideal. 5 stars.

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