Drennan Acolyte Barbless- Eyed, Power Hair Rigger UPDATED

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I generally fish barlbess hooks and have done so for years. Primarily my often visited venues such as CS Horeshoe and Farnham AS demand their use and I just cant be bothered to make up more hook links. The Drennan hooks detailed have proven excellent for float fishing with a small wafter or prawn on the hook. The venues I visit are just too full of small stuff to use naturals. Many of my favourite float fishing hooks are not great for knotless knots. The Size 10 has stood up  to a decent carp and tench on the float. At around £3.70 worth a trial purchase and like the circle hook has found a place in my float tackle box. The Olivettes pictured are reviewed elsewhere.

Landed 2 tench on these hooks using float rods, no issues. Used a 10 with a small wafter on hair. 5 stars



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