Distance Rods for Tench

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There seems to very limited choice for the tench angler in rods that accurately cast 90+yds (I am aware that casting ability/technique plays a major part). 

I have been using 2.25 rods, and 3.25 carp rods. The 2.25s couldn't hit the distance accurately, and 3.25s could, but I wasn't happy with playing fish on them. 

I've discussed this with John Oz, Pat Dower and Nigel Bray and John is looking at this and may be producing something for the specialist tench angler. Knowing John, I'm sure it will be something really special. 

However, in the interim period, and because I'm impatient, I've bought a pair of the Preston Monster Extreme Distance  Feeder rods. I went for the 4.2 m (13ft 10"), 200g casting weight, which comes with a 3oz, 4oz and 6oz tips. 

I intend to use these for barbel and Bream fishing too. 

They arrived and I went straight down to the lake last night. I attached an ultegra 5500 xtd reel loaded with a 10m length of 10lb bs mono shock leader and 0.12 Matrix Distance braid (16lb bs) mainline I managed to regularly hit in excess of 110yds using a 3oz feature finding lead.

I'll be trying these out soon for real when back on my water, where the tench tend to be at the 90yds + range.

With a variety of feeders and rigs attached and differing wind conditions, I'll have a better outlook on them. 

My initial thoughts are;

- Very glossy shiny finish to the rod, which in my hands expect it to scratch up. 

- Very stiff butt and middle sections (which I expected) 

- Not a very thick diameter Butt section (which I didn't expect). 

- I found them easy to cast. 

I'll feedback further after a good use of them on both tench and Bream waters and also on a couple of the big rivers I fish for the barbel.

Here's a link for more info of them in action;

Off to have some fun now. 



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