Boilies for tench

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Paul Calow 4 months

Hi all,

I'd be interested to hear about any recommended boilie rigs that you use in your tench fishing. I very rarely use boilies for tench but on my local club lake I feel that I am probably missing a trick as a lot of tench do get caught by carp anglers using 20mm boilies, ronnies or snowman rigs etc. Big hooks and big baits doesn't seem to put the tench off, much to the carp anglers annoyance!


Do you tend to use scaled down carp rigs or do you fish boilies using a method feeder or the same rigs that you use when using maggots/worms - heli rigs and inline feeders etc?

Finally, do you have a particular preference for boilie type? Pop-up/wafter/bottom bait? Sweet and fruity/fishmeal/seed-based etc?


Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences and preferences.


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