Medway Valley Fisheries are offering members of The Tenchfishers an exclusive three-month “Spring Ticket” for either Abbey Meads, Big Lake or Trout lake. This ticket will be valid from 1st April 2023 – 30th June 2023. Any takers of this special ticket must be a current member of the Tenchfishers. This deal is not available to anyone who isn’t a current member of the Tenchfishers. The ticket cost is £185 per lake and includes your access key. (Please note there is a £25 replacement key fee should you lose or damage your key.) You will only be permitted to fish the lake you have selected. If you wish to hold a Spring Ticket for more than one lake (e.g Big Lake and Trout Lake) you will need to purchase more than one ticket.

All Spring Ticket holders will be entitled to 7 days “Holiday Allowance” which may be taken on your selected lake at any pointduring the three months that the Spring Ticket is valid. Here are the full terms and conditions of the Holiday Allowance:

  • All booking requests must be made BY EMAIL to the office and booked at least one week in
  • We will not accept booking requests via Facebook, text or over the phone. To keep track of bookings and availability we need a written record of all requests in once place that can easily be referred
  • Bookings can only be taken one block of seven nights and can’t be split into smaller
  • No bookings will be accepted from anglers already on the bank who suddenly decide they wish to extend their standard
  • You cannot tag your standard session on to a Holiday Booking to extend it further. It is a maximum stay of 7 nights,no
  • If you decide to cut your Holiday short for any reason and don’t stay for the full 7 nights, it will still count as a full
  • Your booking request is only confirmed once we email you back and state that it
  • A Holiday booking does not guarantee that a swim will be available for you. Swims cannot be reserved and are onlyavailable on a first come first served
  • We accept a maximum of three holiday bookings per lake, at any one
  • You are allowed to move swims on the specific lake you have booked on to over the course of your
  • If you need to leave the lake for supplies/shower during your booking, you have a maximum of 2 hours to do so. If you aretimed out your gear will be removed from your swim by the bailiffs.
  • Bookings can only be cancelled or revised up to the date of commencement. If you don’t cancel before your bookinghas begun, it will still count and be deducted from your
  • Your annual allowance cannot be carried over to the following season if you have not used

All Spring Ticket holders must adhere to all our club rules which are also the terms and conditions of membership. The most upto date version of rules is always freely available to view on our website.

This offer is not advertised on our website. To claim this special ticket you need to contact us directly by emailing in**@me**********.com before 31st March 2023.