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May 2024

Well, the Tenchfishers’ coaches have been active and busy over the last few months. First point of call was a trip into London on the 14th of March to meet up with the Fishing for Schools team for an induction day at their offices in Vauxhall. 

Fishing for Schools

For those of you not familiar with their work we go into schools and on the bank to coach children in angling. Some of these children have had tough starts in life or are experiencing difficulties in mainstream learning. Angling has been proven to reach children who are struggling with learning or behavioural difficulties so to be involved in positive outcomes and working with Fishing for Schools is a great opportunity. Further information can be found here https://www.fishingforschools.co.uk/

Jubilee Ponds

Next off Marc Courtman, Carl Prosser and I were helping our local Midlands Angling Trust Regional Co-ordinator Dave Evans on a junior coaching day at Jubilee Pools near Coventry. The day went well although the weather was challenging and the turnout was low but we did catch so a success all the same. Our next outing was once again at Jubilee Pools in association with the Angling Trust. This time it was an event supporting a local support association called the Friends Group. This group supports local children who are experiencing difficult times or challenging life circumstances. Effectively “nominated friends” who are volunteers give the children days out. These can range from cinema trips, horse riding experiences and on this weekend the opportunity to try angling. It is a humbling experience to spend time with these children. It is only for a few hours but we aim to put a smile on their faces so we achieve the main aim which is “to have fun.” The Friends Group volunteers along with the children were extremely grateful at the end of the session for us giving up our time. Waving them all off at the fishery gate you really do get a sense of putting something very worthwhile back into our sport.


Leamington Spa

Next outing was on the 27th of April which was my first event proper heading up our Leamington Spa junior’s initiative. Once again fellow Tenchfisher’s Level 2 coach Marc Courtman was in attendance as an able wingman along with club volunteer Jon Davis. We had a full busy day of bookings for our “Come and Have a Go at Fishing” event which flew by. You know you have all had a busy day when you break open your flask at the end of the day for only your second coffee! All children caught on the day and had a great time. There was even the odd Tench caught in what were once again challenging conditions. Hats off to the children and parents who stuck it out on the day as for late April it was freezing in the wind. All the children went home with a little goody bag courtesy of the club and they have all booked on for a follow-on event on Saturday 11th  May. We must be doing something right!! I am hoping that spring will have arrived proper for our next coaching day.




Last stop on my whistle stop tour recently was in Waterlooville near Portsmouth for a day coaching in school with Fishing for Schools coaches Martin Rafferty and Rob Doyle. I was extremely interested to see how these two very experienced coaches operated in a classroom environment so picked up some particularly good pointers to add into my own growing portfolio of skills. An exceptionally long day with an early start and late finish travelling from Nuneaton to Waterlooville and back in a day but a very productive and worthwhile day all the same.

Following that mini marathon of events I finally got around to a little of my own fishing on my Guys Syndicate. I was rewarded with one Tench, a rogue thirty plus carp and an overheated engine and a trip home on a recovery vehicle!! All I can say is the coach’s lot is a varied one and certainly not dull by any stretch of the imagination! I think I have said it before but all the Tenchfishers’ coaches are incredibly grateful for the brilliant support we have received from the group. We aim to put to good use the investment the group has made in us and it’s great to get out on the bank and start to reap the rewards with various clubs, associations, and angling bodies.


Toodle pip for now, I will blog again next month on our coaches’ travels and escapades. Tight Lines All!

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