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Planning a Specimen Tench Campaign (Part 4/4)

Specimen Rigs

The migration of carp methods for tench fishing cannot go unnoticed. This has tended to see more traditional methods take a back seat and that means that margin float tackle is often ignored. Long stay angling might suggest that floatfishing is a little impractical but it can produce fish whilst you waiting for the buzzers and bolt rigs to get busy!

The Feeder Reigns Supreme

The bolt rig feeder is probably one of the most popular approaches carrying a cargo of particles secured with a groundbait plug. The method feeder is seeing increasing popularity. All these rigs are generally fished with a hair rigged bait and tight lines to maximise the "bolt" effect. Helicopter rigs are quite common with these feeder set ups as they reduce tangling specially with braid hook lengths.

PVA Bags

Can be used with a traditional semi fixed lead and filled with a particle cargo. In line maggot feeders can be placed in these and a few extra particles added. Bags need to be punctured with a baiting needle to exclude air before casting. In very deep water a double bag might be necessary. Kryston make some excellent bags but none are cheap!!

Hook Lengths

The debate re braid versus mono continues! I think it is amatter of angler confidence so stick with what you have experience of and I think there is little to be gained/lost either way. Fox Reflex is a great light braid for small hooks and Kryston Merlin if you are fishing waters where you need to step up braid strength.

See These Rigs

Visit the Top Rigs page to see information on the above and some traditional rigs too. Yes the link leger and "lift method" are alive and well and still catching quality tench, so "carp style" rigs are not the automatic choice.

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