National Tench Heritage Alliance (NTHA)

The aims of the NTHA are:


To educate and raise the profile of tench and tench fishing


To protect, promote and develop existing tench fisheries


To work with existing national and regional bodies for the betterment of the species


To lobby appropriate bodies to consider the role of tench as a valuable asset to their fisheries/business

Our Objectives

We began in 2014 as a ‘tench dating agency’ whereby we put appropriate clubs/associations in touch with a reputable tench breeder who had fish available to good homes. We have now become a more mature and knowledgeable group with our first major project well underway.

For clarity, the NTHA is a sub-group within The Tenchfishers that reports to the main committee and seeks approval for all finance from the membership. It was formed to provide a focus on the future of tench and tench fishing and also to demonstrate to our membership that there is vision and aspiration for the future.It is evident that we have evolved a series of alliances, contacts and a knowledge base that is assisting with our restoration work at Sywell Reservoir.

The NTHA are in current conversations with the Angling Trust and seeking new approaches to developing our branch of the sport and providing a blueprint to fisheries that wish to stock and develop tench fisheries.  We have worked with the Environment Agency and independent fish breeders to initiate a restocking and habitat improvement programme at Sywell Reservoir and the early results are very encouraging.

Please view our TenchFishers TV video presentation