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Gravel Pit Spring Tench Fishing

Gravel Pit Fishing For Tench (Part 2/2)

The Tenchfisher's Tackle Box

Making the move from canal or estate lake to pursue the larger gravel pit specimens really does not require a lot of specialist kit. In fact you will likely have most of the gear already. In Part 2 I look at some of the terminal kit I use and open up my tackle box to inspection! Some handy tactical tips are also provided for the gravel pit newcomer.

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Further chapters include:

  • Float Fishing
  • Wagglers
  • Locslide or Polaris?
  • Reels
  • Feeders
  • PVA Bag Rig
  • Method Feeder
  • Cage Feeder
  • Carp Groundbait Feeder
  • Hook Links
  • A Finer approach
  • A Look Inside My Tackle Box
  • PVA, Flexibility In A Tube!

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