Our Bi-Annual Bulletin

Tenchfisher is our much acclaimed 64 page full colour members bulletin. It is usually published in April and November each year.

It is almost entirely dependent upon members contributions and covers a wide range of tench fishing topics that include fishing tales, venue “rough guides”, rigs and tactics. The early version of the bulletin was born out of the old Rotary Letters, but today we have a modern digitally printed version!

You will receive a copy on joining and two editions per year whilst your subscription remains current. I encourage new members to write an introductory letter or article. I am always looking for new material and for some members it is the first time they have gone into print!

The articles judged to be the best annual contributions will be assessed for an entry to be awarded The Len Head Trophy, for the top contribution. Trophies are awarded at our Spring General Meeting (SGM) each year.

I look forward to your contributions.

Phil jackson

Tenchfisher Bulletin Editor

Click here to download the March 2021 bulletin

Click here to download the March 2020 bulletin