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"The Tenchfisher" is the official bulletin of the group and is published bi-annually. The content is both varied and entertaining and there is a good mix of instructional and entertaining articles written by our membership. These bulletins are a valuable source of information, with the odd few now being traded on Ebay as they become collectors items!

Members can also advertise tackle for sale, and there is always a healthy debate about bait formulations and rigs.

All new members receive a copy of a past bulletin on joining.

A separate results report is published at the end of the year. This makes for very interesting reading as it summarises the members catch reports. However, you must send in your annual return to benefit from this publication!

Past Bulletins for sale

Only these previous bulletins are still available to members. (£4 each or 3 for £10 + P&P):

If you are interested please contact Dave Rogerson.

Dave is also selling customised binders to store your precious bulletins (max of 6 per binder but more like 4 given the quality of the bulletin) at £5.00 each plus p&p charges.

To preview the most recent and the past bulletins still available click on an image below:

  • November 2018 Bulletin
    November 2018
  • November 2016 Bulletin
    November 2016
  • March 2016 Bulletin
    March 2016
  • November 2015 Bulletin
    November 2015
  • November 2014 Bulletin
    November 2014
  • March 2014 Bulletin
    March 2014


November 2014 Bulletin

November 2014 Bulletin

Included Articles:

  • Len Arbery on his “Tenching Firsts”
  • Kevin Durman on some great Kentish captures
  • Eccentric German tenching with Stuart Sharpe
  • Rob Young reveals his “Big Pit Addiction”
  • Kevin Clifford on modern Yorkshire tench fishing
  • Looking back with Tom Critchell
  • An archive piece from Peter Jackson
  • And much more including the launch of the Tench Heritage Alliance and a picture of possibly Britain’s longest tench. Not forgetting the truth about Bill Quinlan’s bobble hat.

Next Bulletin due March 2015.

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