Carp Society Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake by Kenny Parsons

2018 Tenchfishers National Fish-In

The Carp Society have a beautiful lake near Lechlade which is called Horseshoe lake. It was originally a trout fishery and is crystal clear waters were ideal for this form of angling. The Carp Society purchased the lake when it became available.
The whole story of the Carp Society can be seen here.

When the Society was formed in 1981, Carp Angling was very much in its infancy. Over the 35 years since inception, it has developed into a major branch of angling. Our organisation has needed to keep pace with the rapid and ongoing commercialisation of our sport. The primary aim was to develop and promote Carp Angling. Today, the organisation still abides by the founding principles of representing carp angling in the best possible way.

So we the Tenchfishers asked to fish the water approximately 15 years ago. Stories of huge Tench caught by Carp anglers being the inspiration.

For many years the Tenchfishers have had the opportunity of fishing the lake at a National Fish-in. It proved to be about the best opportunity for the group to fish fantastic tench water. Plus it could accommodate 60 anglers.

Almost every fish-in has produced fish of over 9lbs and often doubles to 11lb plus.

Kenny with a 10lbs 4oz fish from Horseshoe

The Tenchfishers have a special relationship with the Carp Society and it has been built up over those 15 years. The fishery has facilities second to none, full heated showers and toilets throughout the year. Security is also very tight with the gate locked at night.

The Society have been through some difficult times. A major fish kill a good few years ago meant that many people didn’t visit the fishery.  Also recently there has been confusion about who owns and runs the Society.

The situation has now been resolved and ownership has been established again. The Tench Fishers were welcomed throughout this difficult period. And we The Tenchfishers supported  the new Team running the Society which was much appreciated.

As Tenchfishers and our close relationship with the Society we are able to currently enjoy spring tickets at Horseshoe that offer a great opportunity to fish this wonderful fishery.

We must always remember we are guests of the Society and as partners in developing the fishery and have much to thank them for.

Another fine example of a Horseshoe Tench

It probably offers the best opportunity to catch specimen tench in the whole of the Cotswold Water Park.